Les Jardins du Faubourg hotel – 500€ to 1000€

This luxury hotel is the perfect address if you’re looking for a convenient location in Paris and the best in French hospitality. Whether traveling on business or here to relax, you’ll love the cuisine, superb amenities, and a comprehensive range of guest services. Les Jardins du Faubourg Hotel & Spa by Shiseido has 40 rooms and suites that provide equal parts comfort and luxury.

You can discover the elegantly designed rooms and suites by taking the main staircase. What you find reminds you of Haussmann mansions, thanks to the high ceilings, long windows, and opulent features. Inside these rooms, there’s a coffee machine, a custom dressing room, and a TV with Chromecast technology.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for fine Bistro cuisine and a wonderfully crafted gourmet menu. There’s a fine restaurant with an impressive wine range accessible from the wine cabinet. The Confidential bar is another fascinating feature of this five-star hotel. As you enter, you’re welcomed by contemporary decor. You can just sit and enjoy your drink surrounded by magnificent chandeliers and subdued lighting.