Le Damantin hotel – 500€ to 1000€

With a riverfront location on the Seine, Le Damantin is a luxury hotel with 44 rooms and two suites. Its prime location in Paris’ 8th arrondissement means easy access to top art galleries, diners, and boutiques. You can reach the Eiffel Tower in a few minutes from the hotel.

The rooms come in different sizes ranging between 18 and 80 square metres. Some rooms have magnificent views of the river Seine and the iconic Eiffel Tower. You’ll find the room’s classic style décor striking and cosy. Traveling with your family? Book into one of the accommodation options with a connecting room.

Elsewhere, you’ll find the winter garden that provides the perfect place to unwind. The garden is next to the hotel’s courtyard. As for wellness, Le Damantin hosts a spa, swimming pool, a well-equipped fitness room, and treatment cabins. Best of all, you get access to a gourmet area with a juice bar. Here, you can also enjoy herbal tea and other organic products to boost your health.