1. 1 Dame des arts hotel – 400€ to 600€

    Nestled in the heart of the romantic and cultural haven that is Paris, the Dame des Arts Hotel stands as a testament to refined luxury and artistic inspiration. From the moment you step through our opulent doors, you’ll find yourself immersed in an atmosphere that seamlessly marries timeless sophistication with contemporary comfort. Allow us to take you on a captivating journey through the exquisite features that make Dame des Arts a true masterpiece in the world of hospitality.

    Artistry in Every Detail

    Each corner of Dame des Arts Hotel is meticulously adorned with handpicked works of art, showcasing the rich tapestry of creativity that defines Paris. From the striking sculptures that grace our grand lobby to the vibrant paintings that line our corridors, every inch of our hotel is a celebration of artistic expression. Immerse yourself in the visual symphony of colors and forms as you traverse the hallways, each step a reminder of Paris’s enduring legacy as a haven for artists and visionaries.

    Sumptuous Suites and Lavish Living

    The opulence of Dame des Arts is not confined to its public spaces. Our suites are elegantly appointed with a meticulous attention to detail, offering a harmonious blend of classic charm and modern convenience. Sink into plush, cloud-like beds that beckon you to indulge in rejuvenating slumber after a day of exploration. Bask in the soft glow of Parisian sunlight that filters through large, ornate windows, casting a warm embrace upon the tastefully curated furnishings.

    Exquisite Dining for Discerning Palates

    No Parisian experience is complete without a culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds and transports you to the heart of French gastronomy. Our in-house restaurant, Le Gourmet Etoilé, is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking an exquisite fusion of traditional flavors and innovative culinary artistry. Indulge in a symphony of flavors crafted by our master chefs, each dish a masterpiece that pays homage to the city’s renowned culinary heritage.

    Unparalleled Location

    Dame des Arts Hotel enjoys an enviable location that places you mere moments away from some of Paris’s most iconic landmarks. Stroll along the Seine, with the Eiffel Tower gracing the skyline as your backdrop. Wander through the charming streets of Montmartre, where the echoes of artistic revolution still linger in the air. Whether you’re a first-time traveler to Paris or a seasoned explorer of its wonders, our strategic location ensures that you’re at the epicenter of cultural discovery.

    Immerse Yourself in Luxury at Dame des Arts Hotel

    In a city renowned for its artistic legacy, the Dame des Arts Hotel stands tall as a beacon of elegance, refinement, and creative energy. With its tastefully curated décor, impeccable service, and a dedication to making every guest feel like a cherished patron of the arts, a stay at our hotel is an experience that transcends the ordinary. Allow us to be your gateway to the enchanting world of Parisian charm and sophistication. Reserve your stay today and step into a realm where art and hospitality intertwine in perfect harmony.

  2. 2 The Hoxton Paris hotel – 300€ to 500€

    Located in Paris’ second arrondissement (Le Sentier, the startups’ area) the Hoxton comes with tons of classic Parisian flair. It boasts 172 rooms with chevron timber floors. The establishment also features Peña, a new terrace that’s great for hot summer days. The original Argentine Chandon garden spritz inspired the terrace’s design. Once you sit down for a bite, the hotel staff serves you Argentine cuisine. From roasted sweet potato and grilled Argentine fine cuts to fresh ceviche.

    The best part about shacking up at this address is that all you need is right there on your doorstep. You’ll find it easier to reach local bars, attractions, open-air markets, cocktail clubs, and boutiques. There’s the Louvre Museum and the Le Grand Rex. And if you just want to hang around the hotel, you can wine and dine in Rivié (an all-day brasserie), Jacques’ Bar, and Planche (a wine bar).

    You should expect only the good stuff when you spend time in these facilities. To reach the Rivié restaurant, just head to the ground floor. There you’ll find delicious French cuisine with a fascinating Asian twist.

  3. 3 Brach Paris hotel – 500€ to 1000€

    Brach Paris has 52 rooms with classic decor that captures the true Parisian essence. If you want the best accommodation offered at the hotel, head to the fifth and sixth floors. Here, you’ll find suites measuring between 60 and 200 square metres. The decor combines stone, leather, and wooden elements to create a cozy environment that’s fit for royalty.

    In each suite, you get mesmerizing Paris views directly from tree-lined terraces. And there’s a Jacuzzi or a Norwegian bath on all the terraces. And you’ll also revel in the intimate and cozy spaces it offers. The warm colours, marble floors, and wooden finishes add a touch of elegance throughout the hotel.

    When you walk into the hotel’s restaurant, you get immersed in mouth-watering Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. You’re sure to savour the tastes and smells of fine dining in the heart of Paris. So, this is the place to be if you like sushi, pho soup, and sashimi. There are also festive cocktails, delicious pastries, and pressed juices. Meanwhile, the bar uses fresh produce to create cold extracted juices and a tapas menu.

  4. 4 Villa M hotel – 150€ to 500€

    The City of Light is studded with countless hotel gems, but for luxury hospitality with a difference, why not try Villa M Paris. This establishment displays a strong nature theme that celebrates the primacy of plants, as you will see from the attractively vegetated façade and roof terrace! The generous green space offered by the hotel in combination with the interior comfort, warmth and elegance is designed to promote guests’ mental wellbeing and put any soul at ease.

    Each suite is done in warm and harmonious tones that evoke a calming atmosphere, inviting you to meditate and switch off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The happy marriage of physical comfort and natural aesthetic appeal offered by our suites is guaranteed to give our guests a unique, unforgettable wellness experience.

    This hotel has excellent catering facilities for all times of day. The Villa M Restaurant serves generous, gourmet cuisine every day of the week for lunch and dinner. There is also a bar offering a wide selection of classic cocktails, ideal for party nights and other festive occasions.

  5. 5 Maison Mere hotel – 150€ to 300€

    Maison Mère is a four-star hotel that’s full of life during the day and after hours. Located in Paris’ 9th arrondissement, the establishment has 51 pied-à-terre rooms that provide an ideal environment to enjoy your holiday. The best part is that each room is unique. From the Douillette (standard) room and the Parisian (superior) to the Toits de Paris (deluxe) and the Reine Mère suite, there’s something for everyone.

    Once you book into one of these room categories, you can expect many goodies, such as lounge VIP access and shopping delivery service. If you’re on a business trip, you’ll find the free Wi-Fi in the co-working café useful. The café and other spaces help create a unique Maison Mère experience.

    Hotel staff ensures that you feel at home whether you choose to eat in your room or the restaurant. On the other hand, the restaurant is open 24/7, making it easier to enjoy a meal whenever you want. Next to the restaurant, there’s the Nectar cocktails bar.

  6. 6 Laz hotel spa urbain – 150€ to 500€

    This hotel offers very good value for money in Paris. It is relatively recent and new, so its bedrooms and bathrooms are modern, clean and pleasant. It has a small indoor pool as well as a sauna, a steam room and an excellent fitness centre.

    Its decor, in chic dark tones, is tastefully done and works well. Many of the rooms look out on the very calm and peaceful courtyard. Some of them have a balcony or even a patio. A range of light food is served both in-room and at the bar.

    The hotel stands in a convenient location close to Gare Saint-Lazare and department stores Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. There are many excellent bars and restaurants within walking distance.

  7. 7 Le Roch hotel – 500€ to 1000€

    Le Roch Hotel & Spa is a five-star hotel that provides world-class services. Nestled between the Place de l’Opéra and the Place Vendôme, it has 37 rooms for you to experience Parisian hospitality and ambiance. Here, you can spend time on a sunny terrace or in the courtyard garden. On cold days, simply sit in front of the fireplace or book a table in a restaurant.

    The resident chef creates amazing French cuisine, combining traditional and contemporary menus. Located in the centre of the 1st arrondissement, this establishment offers rooms and suites in five colour schemes coupled with Carrara marble and solid walnut flooring to create a stylish decor. These cosy rooms include superior, deluxe, family, and prestige rooms. 

    As for the suites, there are indulgence and saint Roch suites with premium features and amenities. When you want an authentic Parisian apartment experience, book the whole sixth floor. That way, you enjoy access to the deluxe indulgence room and saint Roche suite. Le Roch Hotel also has a swimming pool and spa to help you relax after a busy day in Paris.

  8. 8 Cour des Vosges hotel – 500€ to 1000€

    Cour des Vosges is a special place for discerning guests looking for a hotel with the appeal of a pied-à-terre. This five-star establishment has 12 rooms and suites. Once you book accommodation at this address, you get a dedicated butler to make your stay special.

    There’s a tea room and a fine restaurant offering mouth-watering breakfast and gourmet meals. And when you’re in the mood for sweet treats, the Brach corner, La Pâtisserie, has you covered. The hotel’s pastries team produces fresh, quality treats. As for the suites, you can go for deluxe, superior, or junior suites to suit your needs. If you go for deluxe, expect the best of the Parisian lifestyle. Each suite has space for cooking, two TVs, and a king-size bed.

    Your wellness is a priority at Cour des Vosges. So, you’ve got access to a spa area that offers Roman baths and signature treatments. You’re sure to feel refreshed when you spend time in the spa and relaxation areas. That way, you can enjoy your stay at Cour des Vosges and feel like royalty.

  9. 9 Le Damantin hotel – 500€ to 1000€

    With a riverfront location on the Seine, Le Damantin is a luxury hotel with 44 rooms and two suites. Its prime location in Paris’ 8th arrondissement means easy access to top art galleries, diners, and boutiques. You can reach the Eiffel Tower in a few minutes from the hotel.

    The rooms come in different sizes ranging between 18 and 80 square metres. Some rooms have magnificent views of the river Seine and the iconic Eiffel Tower. You’ll find the room’s classic style décor striking and cosy. Traveling with your family? Book into one of the accommodation options with a connecting room.

    Elsewhere, you’ll find the winter garden that provides the perfect place to unwind. The garden is next to the hotel’s courtyard. As for wellness, Le Damantin hosts a spa, swimming pool, a well-equipped fitness room, and treatment cabins. Best of all, you get access to a gourmet area with a juice bar. Here, you can also enjoy herbal tea and other organic products to boost your health.

  10. 10 Les Jardins du Faubourg hotel – 500€ to 1000€

    This luxury hotel is the perfect address if you’re looking for a convenient location in Paris and the best in French hospitality. Whether traveling on business or here to relax, you’ll love the cuisine, superb amenities, and a comprehensive range of guest services. Les Jardins du Faubourg Hotel & Spa by Shiseido has 40 rooms and suites that provide equal parts comfort and luxury.

    You can discover the elegantly designed rooms and suites by taking the main staircase. What you find reminds you of Haussmann mansions, thanks to the high ceilings, long windows, and opulent features. Inside these rooms, there’s a coffee machine, a custom dressing room, and a TV with Chromecast technology.

    You’re in luck if you’re looking for fine Bistro cuisine and a wonderfully crafted gourmet menu. There’s a fine restaurant with an impressive wine range accessible from the wine cabinet. The Confidential bar is another fascinating feature of this five-star hotel. As you enter, you’re welcomed by contemporary decor. You can just sit and enjoy your drink surrounded by magnificent chandeliers and subdued lighting.

  11. 11 Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont neuf hotel – 400€ to 1000€

    Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf is a modern take on the classic Parisian hotel. Located in the heart of the city, near the Louvre Museum and the Pompidou Centre, the hotel accords guests with a unique experience with its contemporary design and luxurious amenities.

    The hotel’s contemporary design is inspired by the Art-Deco style. The guestrooms and suites are elegantly furnished and feature high-quality infrastructures and pure comfort. The hotel’s leisure facilities include a fitness centre, a spa and an indoor pool.

    The 5-star hotel is just a few steps from the famous Notre Dame de Paris. The hotel has a bar and restaurant, where guests can enjoy French cuisine and wines. For business or leisure travellers, the hotel offers a variety of meeting and conference facilities. 

    Le Pont-Neuf is perfect for travellers who want to discover Paris at its best. The hotel presents easy access to the city’s most popular attractions. Guests of the Maison Albar Hotels will enjoy a truly memorable stay in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

  12. 12 Nolinski Paris hotel – 500€ to 1000€

    A sublime haven nestled in the 1st arrondissement, just steps away from the Louvre and Comédie Française, Nolinski Paris embodies the very best of Parisian refinement and elegance. With the decor bearing the signature of interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot, this high-class establishment offers excellent hospitality in a refined yet homely atmosphere. Every aspect of the hotel sings out exclusivity, and with an added touch of modernity and daring, Nolinski Paris is bound to surpass all your expectations of a luxury hotel in Paris.

    All rooms and suites are spacious and graced with curated art, book collections, ornate moldings and flashes of gold-framed mirrors; making the atmosphere feel rather like a block of high-end private Parisian apartments. Privacy and discretion are two special qualities that we stand for here at Nolinski. You may even feel like you have the place to yourself during your stay!

    Guests’ wellbeing also features high on our priority list. The hotel has numerous wellness facilities and amenities such as a luxury spa, pool, sauna, hammam and massage rooms. A perfect way to decompress and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  13. 13 La Clef Champs-Élysées Paris hotel – 500€ to 1000€

    La Clef Champs-Élysées Paris offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the luxury of a high-end Parisian hotel at its finest. The establishment is conveniently positioned within the heart of the city, not far from Arc de Triomphe and with the Tuileries Garden and Notre Dame Cathedral just a few kilometres away, perfect for keen sightseers. At the same time, there is plenty to admire about the hotel itself with its stylish décor, superlative comfort and ample facilities. 

    During your stay, you can indulge in the first-rate comfort of any our rooms and suites, ranging from Deluxe, to Studio Deluxe, Executive and Montmartre Duplex. Every guest room evokes an atmosphere of Parisian refinement with its tasteful décor and furniture along with subtle colour schemes. And if you’re feeling extra decadent, why not choose one of our high-class luxury apartments with a balcony or terrace.

    The hotel is designed and laid out to make your stay with us as easy and comfortable as possible. The numerous amenities include a fitness room, furnished garden, restaurant and bar/lounge area. 

  14. 14 Intercontinental Paris Le Grand hotel – 300€ to 1000€

    Situated overlooking the spectacular Opera Garnier, this 5-star hotel’s history dates back to the Second Empire and Napoleon lll, and allows it’s clients a glimpse of that era through it;s sumptuous and classical décor.

    The rooms and suites are fully equipped with the modern necessities of today’s living, but it is the décor evoking a bygone era of music and theatre, dance and luxury that gives this hotel it’s quintessential ambiance of opulence, many having views of the famous Opera.

    Breakfast is served every morning in the elegant La Verriere restaurant, as well as delicious lunches. However, here is also the absolute embodiment of Parisian life, The Cafe de la Paix. One can either dine on classic French repas or just have coffee, but it is here, on the terrace overlooking the Opera they can watch the City of Paris walk past their table.

    This hotel has a range of equpment in it’s fitness room as well as a sauna. Ideal for relaxing after a busy day of shopping or site-seeing. 

  15. 15 Aubusson hotel – 500€ to 1000€

    Formerly a private mansion dating from the 17th century, Hotel d’Aubusson is a charming luxury establishment nestled in the capital’s Latin Quarter. Every aspect of the architecture and decor bespeaks refinement, elegance and uniqueness, with each room featuring original roof beams, antique furniture and an imposing fireplace. 

    Hotel d’Aubusson has numerous amenities to optimize guests’ comfort, including free Wi-Fi, Nespresso machine and ensuite marble bathroom. Elsewhere, the hotel has ample facilities to make your stay as relaxed and convenient as possible. You can chill out in the Café Laurent jazz bar, take a dip in the swimming pool, lie back in the spa and wellness centre, or enjoy a massage on request. Moreover, the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral are just a 10-minute away.

    There is a wide choice of luxury rooms and suites, including Superior, Grand Luxe, Duplex Loft and Junior. In your suite, you can luxuriate in the comfort of a four-poster bed and enjoy the view of the peaceful inner courtyard with an ornate fountain. Whatever room you choose, you are guaranteed a cozy, intimate atmosphere with modern facilities and plenty of space!

  16. 16 Sofitel Paris Baltimore Tour Eiffel hotel – 300€ to 500€

    A stay at the Sofitel Paris Baltimore Tour Eiffel is an experience not to be missed. The restaurant and bar on site are perfect for a night out, while the spacious guest rooms and suites are ideal for a short getaway.

    The hotel is located in the heart of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, including the iconic Eiffel Tower. Guest rooms have features such as marble bathrooms with rain showers, double vanities, Egyptian cotton sheets, terry bathrobes, flat panel TVs, work desks and more. The rooms in the hotel are sure to impress any visitor.

    The property offers a complimentary continental breakfast each morning, custom-designed Sofitel bath amenities, as well as a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres every evening. Guests staying on the property also have access to a fitness centre, indoor pool, steam room and sauna. 

    Sofitel Baltimore Hotel makes for the perfect opportunity to explore the city’s best attractions, including Paris Convention Center, Arc de Triomphe and the historic Champs Elysées. The Baltimore Tour Eiffel is the perfect place to enjoy a truly unforgettable Parisian experience.

  17. 17 Molitor Paris MGallery hotel – 300€ to 500€

    This hotel is a must for all sports fans, being situated just 700m from the Roland Garros and 600m from the Parc des Princes Stadiums in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.  For 60 years the outdoor pool was the most popular pool in Paris and has now has  tastefully encapsulated into this modern and stylish hotel.

    All of the rooms and suites overlook the pool and are equipped with iPod docking station, a Nespresso © coffee machine and safe, whilst the bathrooms are supplied with luxury toiletries, slippers and bathrobes.

    Breakfast is served in the restaurant that overlooks the pool. A second, seasonal restaurant is located on the rooftop and affords panoramic views over Paris.  The cocktail lounge is an excellent place to start a trip out to the sports or sites in the area. 

    Besides the outdoor pool there is an indoor pool and wellness centre featuring a spa, sauna and hammam. There is also the availability of private lessons from a sports coach. 

  18. 18 Paris j’adore hotel – 300€ to 1000€

    This 5-star, adults-only hotel, designed with seven unexpected themes, is ideally situated for those wanting classicism and modernism combined into one hotel.  From its stunning chandeliers, and use of marble and woodwork throughout, this hotel is a pleasure to behold.

    Every fully equipped room comes with its own iPad, allowing clients to create their own lighting scheme and choice of perfumes, open and close the curtains from the bed or even run the bath at the push of a button! Truly Modernism at its finest. All rooms are air-conditioned with some having their own balconies and a hot tub / jacuzzi.

    The Restaurant j’Adore is a themed restaurant set overlooking the garden and offers a choice of  local, national and international dishes.  The comfortable and welcoming bar is just the place for having cocktails or pre-dinner drinks.

    The hotel’s spa and wellness centre is fully equipped including in indoor swimming pool, whirlpool bath, sauna and hammam, and offers massages body treatments and facials. Perfect to round off a day of site-seeing or shopping. 

  19. 19 Monsieur Aristide hotel – 150€ to 500€

    This quaintly charming 4-star boutique hotel is located in the picturesque cobbled streets of Montmartre, the Parisian heartland of artists and bistros. The nineteenth century building, with it’s 25 harmoniously decorated rooms and suites set around a secret garden, is the perfect location for those wanting to be transported back in time to the world of Lautrec and Manet.

    The comfortably equipped rooms integrate with the architecture of the building, and feature items collected from local flea markets. Some overlook the garden whilst others have large terraces. The suites at the top of the building have stunning views over the rooftops of Paris. 

    The Café Aristide, with it’s stunning yet recycled terrazzo floor, is a restaurant and bar that quintessentially captures the bohemian atmosphere of the area. It’s Mediterranean market cuisine, using fresh and seasonal produce, transports one effortlessly to sunny climes. Cocktails and apero’s provide the perfect start to any Parisian evening. Quirkily, musical instruments are scattered around for use by clients of a musical inclination.

  20. 20 Maison Armance hotel – 300€ to 500€

    Maison Armance is a boutique 4-star hotel with intimate accommodation, dining, and bar settings. When you open the doors to your room, parquet floors and authentic prints await you. Another interesting thing about a stay at this address is the awesome view of the city. Regarding guest services, the hotel offers turndown, concierge, airport transfer, and laundry services. Also, you can expect free local and international newspapers and a museum pass to sweeten your stay.

    This hotel has rooms between the third and fifth floors. Some rooms come with haute couture décor for a bright and homely feel. The deluxe rooms incorporate a comfy lounge to make you feel at home. You’ll see a large, interior courtyard when you look through the window.

    Eating at Maison Armance is a memorable culinary experience whether you book a seat in the dining area or get food delivered to your rooms. The chef and kitchen staff prepare tasty Japanese and French cuisine for your enjoyment. Le Christine serves lunch and dinner every day of the week. Some menus include traditional veal blanquette and salmon marinated in dill.