Grands Boulevards hotel – 150€ to 500€

Located in the heart of Paris, yet pleasantly tucked away from the everyday urban hustle and bustle, Hotel des Grands Boulevards embodies French elegance and intimacy to the highest degree. This charmingly designed hotel hailing from the 18th century stands ready to offer visitors and travelers an unforgettable experience that combines attractive historical features with a contemporary air.

The interior design blends romanticism, de luxe comfort and high class with a touch of subtle mischief and seduction. This grand hotel features 50 sumptuous, individually designed bedrooms, a restaurant, function room and two cocktail bars as well as a rooftop terrace. And did we mention the hidden vegetable garden on the first floor…?

The hotel’s restaurant, snugly nestled in the courtyard, features an exquisite menu designed in collaboration with Giovanni Passerini. The happy marriage of French – Italian country-style cuisine is sure to get your taste buds racing within an inviting atmosphere under the city’s most imposing canopy. Here is a special place that will tickle all your senses and make you truly fall in love with the City of Light.