Bulgari hotel – 1000€+

Indulge in a slice of Italy within the heart of Paris at the luxury Bulgari Hotel. This veritable gem with its stylish Italian elegance and first-rate hospitality is nestled in the middle of the Golden Triangle, conveniently situated just a few minutes’ walk away from the city’s most iconic monuments and excellent sightseeing opportunities.

The Hotel Bulgari is committed to offering every guest a relaxed and impeccable service along with supreme comfort. After guests step through the front door to receive a warm welcome upon arrival, the experience only gets better. The hotel interior is fitted with elegant décor and suffused with a refined peaceful atmosphere to put any soul at ease. As well as our signature deluxe suites, you can also treat yourself to an executive rooms terrace or even the classic Bulgari penthouse!

Enjoy a matchless dining experience with the hotel’s delectable home cuisine during your stay. Check out Il Ristorante – Niko Romito or the Bulgari Bar to savor a refreshing aperitif and dine on cordon bleu specialties.