Splendide Royal Paris hotel – 500€ to 1000€

Nestled in the centre of the 8th arrondissement, Hotel Splendide Royal Paris has the right accommodation options to match your needs. Whether you want a large room with high-end features or a smaller space, there’s something for you. When it comes to fine dining, the hotel hosts the Tosca restaurant, which plays a central role in making guests feel at home. You can enjoy mouth-watering gourmet meals that are simple yet contemporary and fresh. They’re sure to satisfy your palate.

As for the suites, they come with magnificent classic décor. You’ll notice eye-catching Italian finishes in family and junior suites. Every floor hosts two suites, creating a personalized and stylish Maison Parisienne. That way, the hotel captures the Italian spirit combined with a great Parisian palace appeal.

Regarding guest services, Hotel Splendide Royal Paris goes the extra mile to make your stay comfortable and hassle-free. Whether you want a personal trainer or airport transfers, the hotel staff are always ready to provide support. Additional services include a concierge, private guide, in-room treatments, pet-friendly spaces, and kids’ programs.