Four Seasons hotel George V – 1000€+

Four Seasons Hotel George V is an imposing landmark establishment nestled in the Golden Triangle of Paris, situated just off the celebrated Champs-Elysees. The attractively historic Art Deco architecture in combination with the smart contemporary décor of this hotel instills guests with a strong emotional connection to the place, a first impression that signals just the start of a stay to remember at this exquisite establishment.

The hotel offers a variety of luxurious suites, including premier rooms, royal suites, Parisian suites or even the Eiffel Tower suite, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the symbolic Parisian eminence from your window and terrace: A highly enviable choice! In addition to the superlative comfort provided in each suite, there are fantastic guest facilities such as a relaxing spa, elegant swimming pool and a courtyard inviting you to simply let yourself go and self-indulge.

The hotel’s three restaurants, all Michelin-starred, are home to some of the finest food in France. Indulge in haute cuisine dishes to give your tastebuds a sensational experience.