Crillon hotel – 1000€+

One of the most iconic places to stay in Paris, Hotel de Crillon is an attractively historic establishment dating back to the 18th century, once commissioned by Louis XV. The building itself is one of the grandest survivors from the period. It has been sympathetically restored and thoughtfully modernized in a successful marriage of historical charm and contemporary freshness.

Hotel de Crillon has an immersive, tangible atmosphere throughout that will put any soul at ease, especially in the cozy pool space with a calming Himalayan salt wall. The hotel also has a wide range of plush premier and deluxe rooms where guests can indulge in superlative comfort. If you want to spoil yourself even further with extra elegance, why not book our tastefully ornate Suite Duc de Crillon.

For an exquisite dining and drinking experience, try out Les Ambassadeurs for a refreshing cocktail to an accompaniment of live music, or the hidden gastronomical gem, L’Ecrin, nestled in the heart of the hotel and suffused with a refined, thoroughly Parisian atmosphere.