Brach Paris hotel – 500€ to 1000€

Brach Paris has 52 rooms with classic decor that captures the true Parisian essence. If you want the best accommodation offered at the hotel, head to the fifth and sixth floors. Here, you’ll find suites measuring between 60 and 200 square metres. The decor combines stone, leather, and wooden elements to create a cozy environment that’s fit for royalty.

In each suite, you get mesmerizing Paris views directly from tree-lined terraces. And there’s a Jacuzzi or a Norwegian bath on all the terraces. And you’ll also revel in the intimate and cozy spaces it offers. The warm colours, marble floors, and wooden finishes add a touch of elegance throughout the hotel.

When you walk into the hotel’s restaurant, you get immersed in mouth-watering Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. You’re sure to savour the tastes and smells of fine dining in the heart of Paris. So, this is the place to be if you like sushi, pho soup, and sashimi. There are also festive cocktails, delicious pastries, and pressed juices. Meanwhile, the bar uses fresh produce to create cold extracted juices and a tapas menu.